Using Qi flow in Taiji effecting structural change

35 years ago no treatment was available, then using Taiji, Chen style Chan Si Gong (Reeling Silk), and Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation) to relieve chronic pain mobility increased. Using Qi flow in Taiji effecting structural change in feet and reduced pain: a case report is a personal account discussing techniques, thought-processes, methods of practice and the determination needed to enable structural changes to my foot deformities resulting in normal foot shape, and subsequently relief of intense chronic pain.

The report and discussion on the treatment principle of Qigong may provide new insights or strategies for the treatment of chronic or persistent pain.

My report was published on 25th January 2019 in the current issue of Life Research, a peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Traditional Medicine Research group and can be accessed

For articles in Life Research journal’s “Mystery of Qigong” edition

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Author: suzannenewnham

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