Why Do Children See Entities That Are Invisible to the Rest of Us?

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Why do children see entities that are invisible to the rest of us?

As we become adults, we develop a different perception of reality. As adults, we are programmed to discard certain images, noises, and feelings as unreal, especially if they are not scientifically proven or socially accepted. Many of us have programmed our intellect to doubt our intuition. Most children have not had the chance to train their perception to correspond with these adult versions.

Many parents teach their children at a very young age to block psychic images. Humans feel better when we all experience things in similar ways. They may tell their children that imaginary friends are not real, and that visions are just bad dreams. This sends a message to the child that they should mistrust what they actually experience, and instead rely on adult reality. It robs children of a sense of self-trust that they…

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