Oz is Burning

You are invited to the launch of a new anthology Oz is Burning on 13th September (NSW time) hope to see you there
Hello and welcome, I’m Suzanne Newnham and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my story ‘Firestorm Sounds’ in the new anthology Oz is Burning. The bushfires for my husband Mick and I posed more than the threats of life and property engulfed in smoke and flames, Because of our ‘Black Summer’, an exacerbation of my potential life-threatening condition of extreme hypersensitivity to sounds meant I had to continually find new ways of coping as well as trying to minimise additional stresses on Mick. I’ve never wanted to be defined by my health conditions, but unfortunately as daily living is already a challenge for me, their constant presence since 2007 is a necessary aspect to consider and try to pacify when all seems against survival.
Nine years ago, Mick and I moved to the beautiful and creative-inspiring NSW South Coast, fulfilling my lifelong dream of living between mountain and sea. I look at the river and now give thanks for not only its beauty and the serenity it offers, but also its role via the water planes in helping to subdue the flames raging in communities and forests last summer.
A portion from the proceeds will be donated to help the Wildlife Rescue Service, WIRES, do much needed restoration and care of animals and habitat following the disastrous bushfires. I hope that donations are bountiful from sales of ‘Oz is Burning’.

It’s a matter of perspective …

Sometimes it’s only in retrospect that you realise what you’ve achieved. That happened to me recently when I was asked why I wasn’t going to participate in a ‘how to write towards publishing a book’ program since I like writing.
Right now, I’m at the final stages of editing “What Glass Ceiling” which is a memoir I’ve been writing based on an extraordinary woman accountant – my mother – who was accepted into the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame. Over the last two months I’ve been busy writing articles for my health column on chronic pain in PnP Authors magazine; two articles for Health Care Consumers Association (HCCA) to be published shortly; a talk on catastrophising and fear in a chronic condition for the HCCA seminar series; drafts of chapters for my Writers’ group novella, with a proposed publication date in a few months; an abstract based on my recent article on Tai Chi and Qi flow published in a Beijing based scientific publication “Life Research” for a “Tai Chi, Qigong and Wushu” conference where I have been invited as guest speaker and panellist; preparation of my talk on spiritual and psychic communication as guest speaker at a Spiritualist meeting in July; and I’ve finished writing a short story to read at a Literary Salon. I’ve also been busy with increased marketing for my book Ethics of a Psychic Reading which is currently discounted.
All of this was while I  was coping with a severe ongoing health and pain conditions, which also affects my cognitive and language comprehension abilities – causing the written word taking longer to write and to comprehend when reading it.

Since April I’ve been fortunate to travel with my husband to Melbourne, the Northern Territory, as well as Canberra with the latter being multiple times visiting family in hospital and at home, friends and for appointments.

To think that only a few years ago I could barely struggle out of bed due to extreme fatigue, severe pain, and breathing difficulties, let alone socialise, travel, and do all those things that normal healthy people do. Everything I do I have to plan and make back-up plans – but then that’s what happens when coping with extreme hypersensitivities. I’m lucky that I’m surrounded by a lot of good family and friends who support and encourage all my activities, and the groups that I participate in are welcoming of me and my requirements.

Life might be difficult at times when a severe flare-up happens and it takes days, weeks, and even months to recover. But I keep in mind that the half-glass is always able to be filled with whatever I want and focus on, and that anything is possible it’s just a matter of perspective. 😊

Sound hypersensitivity – misophonia

Have you ever wondered why some people react strongly to sounds, even to ordinary everyday noises? My latest column Sound hypersensitivity – misophonia in Suzanne’s Health Corner on pages 8 & 9 of PnP Authors Magazine gives insight into this misunderstood reaction.

Comments and questions relating to sound hypersensitivity and misophonia are welcome.

Philanthropy of our sensitivity article

Do you feel others energies? Perhaps your mood changes and you don’t know why so you tune into it and then you get a feeling to speak with someone.

“… using your sensitivity to help the people around you through an observation of the bigger picture. The joy of helping someone reach that ah-ha moment of increased awareness through an intuitive observation is never easily forgotten.”

The attached article by is well worth reading.  https://sensitiveevolution.com/philanthropy-of-our-sensitivity/

Source: via https://www.facebook.com/sensitiveevolution Sensitive Evolution – Self Actualization For Gentle Souls